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Saturday, July 16, 2016

May 30, 2016

Hello all,

It is transfer week. Again. It seems they go faster and faster every
time. I don't know what's happening I'll probably know tomorrow night.
I hope I stay here I don't want to leave. I love it here! It's a great
place with great people! So I'd rather not leave! Anyways,

It's been bit of a hard week to be honest. We've been trying to find
and teach more people ,but it just seems that this week was not our
luck. :( we did meet a couple of interesting people though. My
favorite was an 80 year old lady who looked 60 and was a sweet lady.
We stopped her while finding and had a good chat and she just said
that she was "too old to understand or change". She said "I've only
got a little bit more time life so... Not interested" (kinda that
feel, English translation is a bit different). We told her all about
God ,and she thought it was interesting ,but despite that she finally
gave us the "no I'm fine". And walked away. Dangit. Too bad though she
had great potential. We also met a lady who was walking her dog named
ichigo(strawberry). She hardcore rejected us after we brought up
church ,but she was nice up until then. :/

Soccer. We played soccer for sports night two investigators and 2
recent converts came! . One of the elders is from Brazil and he is a
professional soccer player, it was cool to watch him play because when
he did anything it was like he was dancing on the field. It was so
cool! I just kicked the ball this way and that and sometimes it went
in. When I kicked a goal the first time I made it ,but I slipped on my
other foot and fell. I'm fine just my pride was a bit bruised.

This week we had a culture party in the area next to ours. It was
Brazilian culture, American culture ,Japanese culture and Samoa
culture. So we dressed up In American colors, the Brazilian in plaid
because it's a thing. Samoa (one elder) in a lava lava actually half
of the elders in lava lavas because they wanted too, and some of the
Japanese in kimonos or other Japanese clothing. It was fun! We even
had one investigator come. She liked it. So the day of the party we
went over to a Brazilian family's house (the hatadas) and helped make
Brazilian candy and they made carrot cake. We made Rice Krispie treats
as well, but man finding marshmallows and something like Rice Krispie
cereal is really hard. We also made made do s'mores because it's
really American! The carrot cake burned so we didn't actually get to
eat it(until later that night). We all squeezed into the car and went
to the matsue church building and had a great time. We ate interesting
foods, and each country performed a dance. Guess who was in charge of
the American dance... Me! Apparently because I am from Texas I'm the
most American. My entire mission I've been known as sister Fullmer the
Texan by other missionaries. I can't tell you how many people think I
live on a ranch and ride horses. Some times I tell them I do and wait
for a reaction. Anyways, the elders in mastue asked me to come up with
something and teach everyone."bring out your inner Texan!" They said..
Good thing I went to dances as a youth and remember a couple line
dances. Other than that I'm not good a dancing what so ever, actually
I'm a terrible dancer. But line dancing is American and easy! Yay go
America! We did a line dance to footloose and it was really fun. I saw
the video and realized how awkward I am. I was not meant to dance ,but
it was so fun.

"He can make us whole no matter what is broken in us."
Elder Paul V. Johnson Of the Seventy
April 2016 general conference (Learning from Conference)

 Love you all!

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