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Saturday, July 16, 2016

July 10, 2016 - All fine!

Hello folks

Another week has come and gone and I don't believe how fast this
trasnfer went. So this week there will be some kind of change we dont
know what will happen until we get a surprise call. (I personally hate
the new system) I'm all for surprises and fun and games, but waiting
for the transfer call is the worst! But this transfer has been good,
lots of ups and of course downs, but it was a good one.

This past week, we tried to go visit a referral from the elders on
Monday, she wasn't home and it was sad, because she's golden. (We
visited her 5 times this week, but she wasn't home :(( ) anyways we
got to teach FHE (family home evening) I used this awesome example
with chopsticks to really get the kids involved. It was way fun!

We got to meet with one of our recent converts this week. She's so
awesome! She is just a hard working mama who loves her kids. I have so
much respect for people who live in a different country not there own
and raise kids in a different language because that is crazy hard. She
is from the Philippines and she has 3 kids. She was baptized a couple
months ago and we baptized her daughter jasmine last month. But man
she is so amazing! Everytime we teach her or her daughter I come to
realize how blessed I am and how wonderful they are. Rosalyn(mama)
always says "it doesn't matter if I have to work hard or that I have
hard things because I have God and he his enough". Her daughter is the
same way so much faith in God and his promises it makes me so happy!

I feel like we have a talent for finding old folks. We older women. We
went to an apartment to find new people to teach and the only person
who answered the door was this sweet old lady named Michiko. She
wasn't opposed to us coming back ,but she didn't say come back. The
rest of the people were either not there or they told us to go away.
We tried to visit morimotosan this week, but she said she was busy ,so
we headed back. As we were coming back to road became less and less
familiar. I have the gift of getting everyone lost ,so I figured that
is what it was. I remember Turning to my companion and asking "where
are we?!" She didn't know so we just kept going. I was praying we
would find our way back or some kind of good omen of some sort. I
think the lord has a sense of humor because we hiked past some houses
and there was huge building in the middle of these rice fields that
said "all fine". All fine.. Of course everything is all fine. We
laughed and snapped a picture and then we heard a woman's voice saying
"where are you from?(in Japanese)" we jumped and turned around a saw
another cute little old lady working in her garden. We told her about
our selves and about the church. She said that it was the first time
she was ever able to talk to gaijin (foreigner) who could talk back.
"Ahhh your Japanese is so good!""no no, it's through god's power I can
speak Japanese, because on my own I really can't!" We talked to her
about the church and invited her to come this week ,but she said maybe
if she had the opportunity... This is the opportunity! Anyways we said
goodbye and continued straight until we found our way out. We think we
were supposed to meet her because we were so so lost!

We always read the Book of Mormon with sister negai every Wednesday.
She's this cute little old lady who was baptized last year and I just
love her to pieces. Well she had gone to the dentist that morning so
she was on medicine and she had a lisp. It was so funny. I was so
surprised about how funny she is drugs. She was really hyper and more
energetic than usual. She asked me my name a couple of times because
she always seems to forget because I'm gaijin.  But it was so fun.
Gosh I love her!

We also teach the Brazilian twins in our branch English so we did that
this week too. I love teaching them English because one kinda wants to
learn and the other could care less. As soon as we finish, she just
leaves. They like us ,but they also think we are weird. :P sweet!

4 hour bus ride..... I hate the bus rides. I always get so car sick
and tired. We went to Okayama this week for zone meeting. We got to
Okayama and walked to the apartment and I collapsed on the floor in
exhaustion. All the other sister missionaries thought there was
something wrong with me because I was so tired. Na.. I just get really
worn out from traveling.

Ztm was really awesome. Normally training is done in English this week
they decided to do it in Japanese and so all our comments and
everything had to be in Japanese. It was so good! I liked it so much
more than the English meetings! weird huh? English is weird now.
Sometimes it's just easier to express myself in Japanese...

 We played basketball this week with members and less actives. One
less active took me out! But he came to church! Yes, I'll definitely
take a hit of they come to church. Sunday was good. They talked about
organization. Like organizing your life, I sat back thinking about how
much I need to change parts in my life and how I can change and keep
changing. I cleaned up my desk this morning :D...

We went and visited less actives on Sunday with a member. We visited
one lady and shared a message about God and how we knows our
circumstance and what we go through. She said she had a problem. She
didn't tell us the problem, but she said that the scripture and
everything we had said was the answer that she needed to hear. It was
amazing to be someone's answer to their prayer. :)

At the end of the night we had a pizza party scheduled with some
members and elders. It was so fun! We got to hear them play amazing
piano music and eat pizza and play this board game with them. I lost
,but brother sasaki called this morning and apologized to me because I
lost and said okay, next transfer we have to do a BBQ! I laughed and
said sure! Sounds good!

The thing that I hate the most about the end of my mission is that all
everyone ever asks me about now is "when are you getting married?"-_-
never. I'm just kidding ,but it's really annoying sometimes. That's
all anyone expects me to do. Of course it will happen someday ,but I
don't think so soon as everyone expects.  I am still wayyyy too young
and immature, and so I'd rather not think about that for a while. Ok
done with that rant.

"The Lord has given you control of your life by giving you a choice.
Let me repeat that. The Lord has given you control of your life. I�fm
not saying that nothing bad will ever happen to you. You will not
always be able to control what others may say or do, but you can
control how you will react to them. Temptation, illness, accidents,
and tragedy are part of this life. There will be some tough days in
your lives--very tough days. But when you follow God�fs plan, you can
know what to do, and that�fs when you are in control. You can decide
whether or not you are going to be happy by making choices that will
lead you close to your Heavenly Father and away from Satan. You can
decide what you will say and do." (I Will Follow God�fs Plan for Me)

I read this talk this week and I was just thinking about choices and
how our choices are purely own. Good or bad consequences will follow
,but if we follow god's plan for us the consequences will surely be

Nachan drew me!

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