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Saturday, July 16, 2016

June 6, 2016 - Como via voće?

Hey everyone. This week went pretty well. Actually it was transfer
week. Surprise! I'm still in Izumo! Yay! I'm glad I didn't transfer. I
like it here too much. So yes, no transfer, but it's a new transfer
and we are already seeing great things. I feel like when a new
transfer starts its like a new feel. Like when you finish a year of
schooling, freshmen year seems much different then sophomore even
though it's just right after. Obviously each transfer is only 6 weeks
,so it's not a whole year ,but I feel like it's long enough to be able
to see changes in yourself ,but not so much where it seems never

So we've had a fun week here in Brazil. I mean Izumo. We went down by
some apartments near a woman we have been trying to contact again, and
we happened to stumble into an area that was where just Brazilians and
one Japanese lady. I can't tell when people are Brazilian or Japanese
sometimes, so as we talk to people and they have a thick Brazilian
accent we immediately recognize "ah not Japanese.. "They probably
won't understand Japanese church words very well. Anyway we carry
Japanese and Portuguese Book of Mormon with us now because you never
know when you can give away a Portuguese Book of Mormon. As we were
housing we talked to Brazilian after Brazilian and they where all
really nice people. Excited when we talked to them about church or
Jesus Christ. Although there is a language barrier we can still manage
to share something with them. But my Portuguese has gotten better.
Como via voće? (How are you?) is my accomplishment this week. Anyways
we were housing and this young 16 girl answered the door and we
realized that she didn't know Japanese or English, but some how we
ended up giving her a Book of Mormon in Portuguese. It must have Been
funny for her to see to white people in japan attempting to talk to
her in her 3rd or second language. And then saying "Portuguese desu
yo!" She laughed us ,but she got that it was in Portuguese. No return
appointment ,but it was fun to make her smile and to try out my few
Portuguese phrases that I have picked up.

Update on our Brazilian investigator Gabriela, she came to church and
I was talking to her about church, she told me she loves God and Jesus
Christ . when we teach her it seems like she
just listens to listen not really interested in really learning, and
we don't speak her native tongue ,so we dropped her. She's what we
have termed an entern-agator (eternal investigator).

Sarah Yamato! So last transfer we had dropped her because we could
never meet her. we have to call her moms phone in order to get into
contact with her ,but the call would never go through and she was
never home. We thought something was wrong ,so we decided to drop her
for now.. We were looking for new investigators near her house, and I
said "sure lets drop by, we've visited 13/ 14 times who knows she
could be home this time" we knocked on the door, and  her mother
answered, my jaw dropped. We found out that the phone had broken and
they haven't gotten a new one yet, so they weren't ignoring us at all
just broke the phone. She said we could come back probably during the
evening and teach Sara, yes!

Lots of awesome things happened this week, but I don't have a whole
lot of time ,so I'm gonna go ,but I'll send lots of pictures.

Faith. Believing without seeing,but I feel like we forget the other
part of faith sometimes, acting. If you sit in a dark tunnel you won't
get any closer to the light at the end. God asks us to trust him, leap
of faith right? But he doesn't tell us what's going to happen in the
end. He trusts us enough to let us make our own decisions. So trust
God and I promise it will turn out okay!

Love y'all!

P-day on the train

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