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Saturday, July 16, 2016

June 20, 2016 - Prison.. I mean our apartment

Hello all,
I'm sad to say this week wasn't too eventful, my companion was sick.
Really sick. I played nurse this week, she came down with something
right after English class on Tuesday. She woke up Wednesday morning
and was coughing so badly I knew it was painful. She lost her voice
and she could barely speak above a whisper. We had some appointments,
so we went.

Japanese drugs are nothing. Luckily our Brazilian elder happens to
have all kinds of amazing drugs from America and Brazil. The elders
brought us Medicine and food on Friday because we couldn't really
leave. I had elder madruga explain the drugs to me because they were
in Portuguese and although I can read it , I can't Understand, I had
to keep in track 5 different drugs and not overdose my companion.
Don't worry! I didn't overdose her! She's fine and the Brazilian
medicine is incredible! It helped her so much.

Every week we go visit a less active named sister negai. She's about
70+ cutest little hunched over grandma ever. She's probably not even
4feet tall anymore. She's so cute! We visit her and read the
scriptures with her and talk about they mean because she says she
doesn't really understand them the first time she reads it so she has
to read it at least 2 times or have us explain them for her. We do and
then she always says "ah! Okay that makes sense now! Thanks for
explaining. It's really hard to understand the scriptures!" But we
went this week and read with her, my poor companion barely over a
whisper did so well. It was kinda funny because she after she finished
reading her eyes were glazed over. She was just gone! Luckily sister
negai didn't really notice. Everytime we visit she tells us it's one
of her favorite times of the week. She loves it and she even came to
church 2 weeks ago!
After that we went to the hospital, and visited the member there and
talked with her about everything under the moon because I think she's
way bored. I learned so many new words like global warming and stuff.

Saturday there was an activity at the church and. My companion thought
it would be okay to go, she mustered up enough energy to hop on her
bike and make it to the church. Almost the whole ward was there it was
a married couples date night thing and all the kids where put into a
room and watched by the young women, and young men. We peeked in and
watched the couples, and their games they did. The women saw us and
laughed at us, shaking the fingers and then after the activity telling
us "someday you'll be married!" No thank you.

Most of the rest of the week we were in the apartment. I just made
calls and tried to proselyte that way. I hate the phone now and the
apartment. I've seen it all, it's 2 rooms ,but I know it pretty well
now. I was itching this morning to get out of the apartment because
I've been in it for 4 days. It was like prison. I think I called just
about any number he had with little or no success.

Being stuck in the apartment gave me a lot of time to think about a
lot of stuff, investigators, appointments, plans. Everything. I've
come to the conclusion that, I've never been organized with anything.
I love spontaneous moments. Like just deciding last minute to do
something. But that's not how it works out here. We plan everything,
everything, every minute is counted for. At first it was hard to
adjust to, sometimes it's still hard, but its taught me to appreciate
time and it's made me want to do more with my time, than I used to do
before. They say that you have only so many today's and many
tomorrow's. Time goes, time flies, and we can either have memories or

Everyday is an opportunity to show someone kindness. Share the love.
Forgive someone, forgive yourself ,be better than yesterday. History
is created from the today's.

I found this quote by elder holland and I really liked it : �gHow do
you best respond when mental or emotional challenges confront you or
those you love? Above all, never lose faith in your Father in Heaven,
who loves you more than you can comprehend�c Never, ever doubt that,
and never harden your heart. Faithfully pursue devotional practices
that bring the Spirit - into your life...Take the sacrament every
week, and hold fast to the perfecting promises of the Atonement of
Jesus Christ. Believe in miracles. I have seen so many of them come
when every other indication would say that hope was lost. Hope is
never lost. If those miracles do not come soon or fully or seemingly
at all, remember the Savior�fs own anguished example: if the bitter
cup does not pass, drink it and be strong, trusting in happier days

Love y'all!

Matching ties (our zone leaders)

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