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Saturday, July 16, 2016

July 4, 2016- Stars

Early one morning we biked over to the elders house and gave Madruga
choro medicine because he had whatever my comp had, and he sounds
We went housing around our house, we tried to house the apartments
that we pass all the time. Turns out all of them where Brazilian
houses, we didn't actually get to talk to any Brazilians today ,but
the name plates indicated Brazilian. Hmm. It rained a lot. We found
some frogs. We where supposed to have an appointment at the church at
3 with Barbra she's Brazilian. She's a member we were just going to
role play with her ,but she texted us and she said "I can't because
I'm getting my hair done how about next week?" So we were at the
church and brother oda came and asked us to wait while him and his
wife cleaned up the church because they don't have keys. So we waited
for about an hour. We made some calls and it was good. Then they said
alright we are done ,so we got up and left. We went and dropped off
some goodies at Madruga's house. He looked awful! He answered the door
in a sweat shirt and shorts and he just looked out of it. So dead. We
gave him the stuff and left. We went housing in this area not to far
and found Yuna. She said we could come back ,but I'm not sure if she's
actually interested or not, but she listened. We visited Yamane
shimai. She is so awesome! I love her we shared a short message on God
and talked about our identity and she told us she sometimes goes
posting and we were like freak ya! That's what we did today. She is
awesome! She wants to give us a referral ,but she said she's having a
hard time finding some one to refer to us, but she so wants to!

My comp is 20! Her birthday happened to fall on fast Sunday so I
couldn't make her breakfast or anything ,but I put up some signs and
decorated a little bit for her.

We went and visited one of my favorite members sister Tagawa. She's
like our grandma and she's just such a strong member it's always
really fun to visit her. Her husband isn't a member ,but he has no
interest. He's really old and in bad health. Anyway, we stopped by and she was
really happy! We heart attacked them and she said it had been about a
year since someone did that she was really happy and her husband liked
it to. We walked in and sat down and her husband was siting across
from us and started to read our name tags "イエスキリスト…ああ (Jesus Christ..
Oh) and put his down and didn't really look at us. He got up and went
to the other room and just laid down on the floor. "He's sick. He's
stubborn and won't go to the hospital, and he won't take medicine ,but
he can't eat!" Tagawa told us. We talked to her for awhile and we
shared some scriptures and talked about faith and Jesus Christ. Her
husband stood up in the other room and looked at us and said "
愛しています!" i love you! And we looked at her and she shook his head. And
just told us he's weird. He was wearing shorts and he put pants on
over his shorts and his wife looked at him and asked "are you going
some where?" "No I'm just cold.." He said he walked to the front door
and she ran over and told him "no you can't drive the car! No you
can't. " and she took the keys. He pouted and went out the back door
and around the front window and blew us a kiss and kept walking. She
told us "I'm sorry he's  not normal. He's pretty weird." We kept
laughing everytime she said it. We had to go and when my comp started
praying we heard the car start. Tagawa's eyes popped open, "ah he
found the spare key!" And she ran out the back door ,but he left. And
she came back, saying "he's so sneaky!"  We apologized for taking up
so much time that she couldn't watch her husband and she just said
"it's alright he didn't go far, he'll probably be back later."

This past week we found this really awesome woman named Morimoto San
she's way receptive to the message. We met her in the middle of a rice
field and we stopped her and talked to her about the church and God
and she seemed to really want to learn. When we talked to her she
pointed in the general direction where her house was and so we decided
we would go and find here house. Well we found a house with her Kanji
,but when we knocked on the door there was no one home so we left a
note. We went back the next day and it was her. I'm sad to admit I was
doubtful it was her house. But when we saw her face we were so
excited.  We talked to her and she invited us in she said she was so
happy to see us. We talked about God and how to pray  and asked her
when she could meet with again she said "I'll call you." We were on
cloud 9 as we walked away ,but we were so happy.

I found this quote recently

 "two men look out of prison bars, one sees mud the other sees the stars"

Despite our circumstances there is always good. We can always find the
good in every situation, in every person. There is a lot of bad in the
world ,but there is always so much good. I believe that everyone
despite who they are where they come from, has good in them. I know
they do. And we despite things we go through can choose to smile and
see the stars because believe me they are there. No matter how small
the little things are they can sometimes make all the difference.

I love you guys!

Love sister Fullmer

It rains all the time but that means we can catch frogs!

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