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Monday, November 30, 2015

Nov. 30, 2015

Sometimes we go teach a recent convert outside his house because we can't go in his house ,tonight we took a walk he bought us hot chocolate. Well me hot chocolate, he bought cannon shimai warm lemon juice, I like chocolate so I chose chocolate he laughed ,but chocolate is my favorite! He told me to stop pretending to understand stuff if I don't understand it. He said to be honest and say I don't understand ,so I'm trying the whole be honest thing now. He teaches lots of new words to me now. Thanks! He's awesome! We talked about charity with him to night we actually accidentally shared his favorite scripture. He quoted it back at us Moroni 7:45-47. So little did we know that's his favorite scripture and he has it on the back of his front door and he reads it every morning before he leaves. He told us he joined the church because of the principle of love that the church teaches. 

Today our stls came to tooyoka for a comp exchange.I went with Allen shimai. She's so legit! She is so fun! First we went and visited Mizuki shimai and Kishida shimai answered the door. She was home teaching i think if you can even home teach Mizuki shimai. So she didn't act out as much. Then we went out to go find a less active Kishida shimai took us and we met her. Man that woman was so small! She was so short! She didn't really want to talk that much which is okay. Then we went back to where our bikes were and went to go teach someone. That person wasn't home ,but some kids were out so we talked to them. They were so cute and they pretty much self referraled themselves to us! It was so funny! I gave them some candy and they freaked out. Gosh I love kids. We played with them for a bit and then we headed out. My toes where so cold I could feel them ,so we stop in a shop to warm up a bit. Toyooka is going to get so cold though. I am going to die. We headed back and stopped by Ueda San (a recent referral from the elders). We got to her house and we're talking a bit. She walked up the stairs and we accidently scared her. Oops sorry! We just want to teach you about Jesus is that okay? We taught her about prayer a bit and she liked it I think. So we might keep teaching her! Yay! Investigator! Then we went and visited yoshiyoka shimais house and taught her a short lesson. Then we biked over super fast to tatsunori  house for thanksgiving dinner which was big fried chickens and rice and salad. Wow I could not believe I ate as much as I did ,but I wanted the usual feeling of hating yourself after thanksgiving ended ,so I went for it... Bad idea. Right after that we went to the church for apple pie and ice cream... Yup definitely hit the point of hating myself and regretting eating that much food. My stomach growled at me and just ached for days afterwards

So I got pretty sick Saturday night, Sunday we went to church and then came home and I attempted to sleep for a couple hours. Sunday night tatsunori stopped by our house and gave us stew because we were sick. The stew was adorable! It had little hearts in it. He took the time to cut up carrots like hearts. Gosh warmed my heart. 

" [the] blessing[s] come when we open our hearts and receive, truly receive, the Lord Jesus Christ, His doctrine, and His Church into our lives. We do not have to be perfect, but we need to be good and getting better." 
-"Eyes to See and Ears to Hear" By Elder Kim B. Clark of the Seventy
^ I read this is morning and I was just thinking about being grateful. Sometimes we forget the blessings we already have and focus on the things we don't have, it's so very easy to focus on the "wants" rather than the "haves" . I made a grateful list on thanksgiving because I figured hey that's a good reminder to remember how blessed I am. I've got an amazing family and I've got the gospel in my life. That's why I am here. I'm trying to help other people come unto Christ because I can't describe how amazing it is to come unto him and realize that absolutely anything is possible through him. 

Well I hope everyone got nice and fattened from the turkey on thanksgiving. (We couldn't find turkey ): here)! Stay lovely wonderful people! 

If you close your eyes the rice tastes like potatoes (not really, but I tried to trick myself like it was potatoes)

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