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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Nov. 8, 2015 - My missionary life

Transfers... Guess who is now a trainer. It's kinda scary to know that
I am supposed to influence another missionary. I feel less than
qualified ,but maybe that's a good thing? I am not a perfect
missionary by any means ,but I'm trying to be the best missionary I
can be.

Thursday: so typically we have transfers on Thursdays and we are
supposed to go to our meeting point which is at this train station
near Kobe. We stayed the night at some other sisters' apartment
because from Kobe to toyooka it's really far and we had to be at
meeting point at 8:20. So we went to transfer point and all the
trainers got together and We headed to Kobe. I was a bit jumpy and
nervousness because I have no idea who my new companion will be and I
would be her very first companion. I was tired ,but so awake because I
was so nervous. So we got to the home office and we heard that 7
elders and a sister got left in Tokyo,so they were still On their way.
We went to the trainer's training and there was only 2 elders there
and the rest were sisters. We waited with anticipation, just itching
to see our trainees. We could hear them in the other room and we I
just had butterflies in my stomach! Finally the new missionaries
walked in and sat down. President Welch was at the front of the room
with his envelopes. It always feels like the Grammy awards! There's a
huge map of the mission on the wall and president Welch opens these
envelopes supperrrr slow to kinda build up the anticipation and man he
always does such a great job too! So one by one everyone got there new
companion until it was just me left by myself. Turns out my companion
was the one who got left behind in Tokyo! So the rest of training
continued and president Welch had everyone turn to their companion and
get to know them. Guess who sat awkwardly talking to no one. So they
told me to go sit with the sister translating  and her companion so I
wasn't all by myself. The other missionaries showed up at lunch time
but they didn't get any training so it was determined that they were
going to stay in Kobe and get trained tomorrow. It was supposed to be
a surprise that I was my companions trainer ,but when she came through
the door that surprise disappeared after all the other trainees ran
over to her and pointed me out and said that's your trainer!

Friday: because the trainees didn't get training before they had some
training on this day. And because there was only one sister (my
companion) I went through the training with them too. We got to the
iPad training and one of the office elders asked me to translate for
the trainees because his companion is Japanese and they thought it
would be a good idea for me to do it. Elder Williams is way good at
Japanese ,so he could have easily done it ,but he told me "it would be
a good growing experience". Gah growing experiences... Love them ,but
sometimes you wonder why you have to grow so much. So I waited until
his companion got up for the iPad section. I looked around the room at
the trainees with their earphones in and I was holding the translator
mic just thinking "oh no.. I can't do this" I prayed so I could
understand and be able to do this simple thing. Then his companion
elder usui got up and started the presentation. I took a quick breath
and started translating. I went through the program without any
trouble. It was so amazing to just sit back and see how far I've come.
I mean I was translating Japanese to English which is easier than the
other way ,but it kinda just hit me that I do actually speak Japanese
sometimes on a good day! Haha, I'm kidding I can speak some Japanese.
But elder Williams was right it was a good growing experience.

Ahh I almost forgot. My trainees name is cannon shimai. She's from
Provo Utah and she's a cute girl! She's pretty patient and just ready
to go out and work! This transfer will be so fun!

Spiritual thought:
D&C 18:18
Ask the Father in my name in faith, believing that you shall receive,
and you shall have the Holy Ghost, which manifesteth all things which
are expedient unto the children of men.

So my little translating anxiety wasn't really anything ,but Heavenly
Father still heard my tiny prayer for help and he helped me. It's the
little things like that ,that reminds me he's always aware of me and
my trials. I know if we really rely on our Heavenly Father he will
help us when we need it most, and if we don't see those fast answers
it's not just him not answering he might be answering in a different
way instead of instantly giving us what we want. Life is good y'all
God is good ,we have just got to rely on him! Well, have a great week
everyone! I love y'all!

Fullmer shimai

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