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Monday, November 16, 2015

Nov. 16, 2015 - Rain, love, and oden

Cool thing on Thursday so if anyone knows me they know that I am not good at finding places. I am what you call directionally impaired. So Thursday's we go to seminaries at our branch president's house for seminary. Seminary is class for the youth where they study the scriptures before school ,so that they can be prepared for the day ahead. Seminary is really an awesome thing because you feel the spirit in the morning and just start  day off with a prayer in your heart. So in order for us to get to seminary on time we had to leave at 5:45 ,but we left at 5:30 because I was a little nervous we might get lost. So another fun fact about me not only am I directionally impaired ,but I'm also not a morning person at all. I don't really wake up until about 10:00am. If you ask any of my companions They will tell you I am quiet until we have companion study. So I found these really cool eye drops that are minty and the whole reason to buy them is to wake yourself up.... I have used them so many times. So I used those crazy miracle eye drops and we left the house. It was so foggy and cold this morning. We biked down in the general area and I got a bit queasy going up this hill because I kept thinking this isn't the right way we are lost! So I told my companion "hey we're lost... I'm so so sorry! I think we should pray.." So we pulled over and prayed. I said a simple prayer to find the house and then I got the thought to go back to the fork and go left. So we did and we found the house shortly after. I almost wanted to cry because I was so worried we wouldn't find the apartment.We said a quick prayer thanking Heavenly Father for the amazing miracle, and headed upstairs for seminary. 

I can't say I love seminary I understand why it's a good thing ,but I can't say that I love it especially in Japan at 6:15 in the morning. Gah I was so tired. Seminary was good though we talked about prophets. Well we only have to go to seminary one more time this year which is so great. After seminary we biked to the church because we usually have a lesson with hideko San. So we went to the church ,but it turned out that she didn't show upm At about 10:00 we went to the dentist for this cavity I have.. I got a root canal... What. I didn't even know what they were doing. So yes folks I got a root canal in Japan in where they try to give you gold teeth ,so I think I'm done going to the dentist for awhile. 

Sweet thing. Yesterday we taught a member who is probably the definition of love. She is so wonderful! She after our lesson she whipped out oden(crazy awesome soup) and she said "I got this for you because I love you!" My heart melted. She is so sweet. When we got home I found a note in the bag and it said in English " Fullmer shimai. How are you? Mission thank you! I love you! I really really like you! Everyday thank you! I love you! " I sat back with tears in my eyes because it was just a simple note ,but I just had a bit of a hard crazy week and this little note helped me remember that no effort of mine is ever wasted. It's fun training ,but it's a bit hard because you feel like you have more responsibility and someone that you are supposed to train to be a good missionary. This week I prayed so much for help and for the faith to find people. The best thing about time is it always keeps going. We can forget the yesterday's and live in the nows. We can't ever go back to the past a much as we want to ,but we always have the future to look toward to. " the future is only as bright as your faith" - president Thomas s monson. 

So friends I hope you all live forward in the best way you can!

Fullmer shimai 

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