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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Nov. 1, 2015 - Transfers

Hello people's! Transfer calls.... So big surprise! I'm going to
train. Ahhhh! That's so terrifying. I'm so nervous,but I get to be a
mama! Yay! I hope my trainee is ready to teach people . Gosh it's
going to be so fun, but scary!

So it's starting to cool down quiet a bit here. I think the snow with
start coming. Gosh my poor trainee's first transfer is going to be in
the coldest area in the mission. Gosh that is kinda rough! Anyways, I
found out I have to buy some thermals or I will freeze. Last year my
zone leader got frostbite on his ears and his toes... He wasn't in
this area ,but he was in a cold area. So I'm a bit nervous for the
cold ,but I think it will be okay. Probably.

So recently we went and visited Mizuki shimai. Ha Mizuki shimai is an
interesting person. She has a doll that she feeds.. And she also sees
ghosts sometimes.. And she just hums and sings  She's a little crazy
,so when we go to visit her we just sing her a hymn or we talk about
Jesus with her. So we showed up to her apartment and she came out and
told us we could come In, she said we need to go down stairs to visit
her friend, So we went for a little walk with her around the apartment
complex she took us to a little cemetery near the apartments and
pointed at the sky saying something about her grandma. I was just
sitting there thinking what the heck is going on? So we thought we
should get her back in her house so that she wouldn't get lost ,so we
told her "hey let's go home". She said no and started to "run away"
more like hobble because she is like 74. My companion and I kinda
chased her down and said "no Mizuki shimai! Let's go back to your
apartment!" She got angry with us and said no then she tried to kick
us. She lifted up her leg to kick us ,but like I said she's very old
,so she couldn't really kick us. We got the idea to bribe her with
candy. I whipped out this treat we had for her and we told her she
could have it if she went back inside. She got really excited and said
okay let's go inside. So we won't visit her for sometime especially
not with my trainee at first.

Spiritual thought:

Mormon 9: 31 Condemn me not because of mine imperfection, neither my
father, because of his imperfection, neither them who have written
before him; but rather give thanks unto God that he hath made manifest
unto you our imperfections, that ye may learn to be more wise than we
have been.

We are all different right? But being different isn't always a bad
thing. We have weaknesses so that we can learn from them. Everyone is
struggling with something even if on the surface they seem to be doing
fine. So don't judge people based on what they do or what they have
done. Don't judge them because they sin differently then you do. Judge
them on the character they are becoming. I know we all have problems
,but sometimes those problems are just blessings in disguise. We just
have to figure that out. God loves us so he gives us hard things. I
know he loves us because he trusts us to be able to do those hard
things and to climb those mountains through the help of his son. Have
a great week yall!

Fullmer shimai

Mizuki shimai, one of our lessons, our zone, me and my companion Gibson shimai

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