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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Dec. 6, 2015 - I'm afraid of Cars....

Gosh this week was an interesting one. 

I was so so sick we didn't go out. I've been so sick lately, but this day I had a fever and it was just a rough day. You know when you feel like your head is heavy, that's what the feeling was. I was so nauseous. Not the funniest day that's for sure.The elders weren't here because they are the zone leaders so they were at meetings in Kobe ,so I texted a member to see if they could put a sign on the door that said we didn't have English class. The member asked if I needed to go to the hospital and I was just like no I'm good it's just a fever I'll be good if I get some sleep. So if you are sick at all they tell you to go to the hospital ,even if it's a little thing like a cold. 

Today was a hard day for me. Well in the beginning. So we had zone meeting. That's where go a meet with other missionaries and talk about what we can to be better missionaries and how we need to teach people. Well our meeting was in fukuchiyama so we had to get a bit earlier and we were kinda later leaving ,so we were biking fast. Bad idea. I got in car accident...and I don't have a car. I was going on the crosswalk and this car turned in front of me and I ran into the side of it and fell off my bike and fell on the right side. I'm kinda scraped up ,but other than that I'm fine, I just busted up my hand and my knee and my shoulder kinda aches. well really small accidents here are a super big deal. So some one else pulled over and he came and asked if we were okay. I was just worried because I felt like it was my fault for going fast. It was green so I had the right away ,so he wasn't supposed to turn in front of me ,but I didn't see him. Gosh I felt so bad for the accident. we stood with the guys for about an hour waiting for the police to show up. It was so so cold this morning, but me an my companion just stood there waiting. And then it started raining, and shortly after hailing.. -_- The policemen showed up and it took 6 of them to look at the scene and everything. It was so so cold this morning, I'm not much of a fan of rain in freezing cold . I was so soaked through,by the time we finished everything we did. I had made cookies yesterday for the other missionaries ,but I decided to give it to this man because he seemed so shocked and scared kinda for me ,so I thought it would be good to give him the cookies. He was way surprised and I decided to just give him a Book of Mormon because hey I know how it's blessed my life ,so why not try and help him out too. He was surprised ,but car accidents are kinda the worst. He was like I'll give you candy! And I was just like no no it's totally fine! ,but he did come to the church on Sunday and gave me a cake. Japanese culture... If you give someone something, they are going to give you something back. 

So despite the ups and downs this week. I was so happy on Sunday because this recent convert that was starting to go less active came to church! In the end of last transfer ,he stopped coming to church ,but we didn't stop teaching him. We kept going over to teach him and tell him that the ward misses him and so do we! This Sunday was testimony meeting and he got up and he said "I've felt so much love from the missionaries, they showed me so much love, even when I was busy or I didn't feel like coming to church" he called later that night and thanked us. He said "thank you so much for always coming even if it was cold or you guys were tired. I really came to church because of you. Thank you so much". I'm still recovering from the car accident and the sickness ,but seeing him come back to church was so worth it.  On top of that a less active family we work with came to church as well! It was just so good to see people coming to church. I shared my simple testimony today and a recent scripture I found:

Mosiah 14: 6 All we, like sheep, have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the Lord hath laid on him the iniquities of us all.
^ I found this when I was reading my Japanese scriptures and the meaning was just so much more profound it just hit me so hard. I just sat there thinking about this scripture and about Jesus Christ. Why am I here? To help people come unto Christ. No matter what any of us goes through, the happy times, the bad times, he's experienced it too. He knows us better than we do. I told the Japanese elder we work with that Jesus is my best friend and he asked "why?" And all I said is "because he knows me". Because he really does. His love is like the best hug you ever got probably from your grandmother because grandmas give the best hugs :) when you get hugged by a loving grandmother you feel warmth,safety, and peace. That's the same with the pure love of Christ. My most sweetest times where when I felt his love stronger than ever. It's incredible to feel that love despite my faults and mistakes. And to know that no matter what he'll always love me.

Well I love you beautiful people! 
Have a fantastic week! 
Fullmer shimai 

My zone!

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