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Thursday, May 26, 2016

May 16, 2016 - Locked out

Hey everyone,

It's been a good week in Izumo.  Sometimes I forget that there are so
many Brazilians here and I mistake them for Japanese people. We went
housing this week and we knocked on one door and started talking to
this lady, she looked Japanese spoke Japanese, but no she was
Brazilian. She wasn't interested in what we had to say ,but we let and
said cho cho and she smiled back. That's all the Portugeuse I know
,but I'm glad it made her happy!

So funny thing, on Monday we skyped our families on Monday, all during
that there was people at the church cleaning, like a cleaning company
,so we were moved from room to room and sat on some wet carpet from
time to time. It was good to see my family. Surreal, but good. After
that we went and grabbed some food for the week and headed back to the
church only to discover the church had been locked! Now, we have the
key ,but the funny thing about this church is there are two sets of
doors... -_- the inner doors were locked and all the sets of those
keys were locked inside the church. So we finished p-day outside of
the church. And cancelled family home evening. Come Tuesday, the doors
were still locked we teach English class every Tuesday night and
cannot cancel it, so we called everyone about the key situation and
the only other keys were in Okayama 4 hours away ,but they were in the
process of being sent over here, so we thought we had to cancel
English class. Well yamane kyodai thought different. (He's the English
class coordinator). He thought we could just do class in the cars
because it was raining... Yup. We taught it in his car. It was the
most interesting class I had ever taught.

This week we did a lot of finding. We talked to lots of people with
little success, too bad. Sometimes you have those long weeks or days,
it's just a part of life.
I gave a talk on Sunday. I found out that the mic was too low to hear
me... :( ya I'm bummed I worked pretty hard on it.

Recently I've been learning something on faith. Fear and doubt is the
opposite of faith. It's that simple. If you fear or doubt ,then faith
is dead. You cannot doubt that everything will work out how it's
supposed to and "have faith". 1 it will not because you don't believe
it will 2 it will be like empty faith. Empty faith. Every heard of
that? I often teach people to have faith, but I ask them what do you
have faith in? If you have faith in men, they will fail you, if you
have faith in things, they will fail you. The only thing you must have
absolute faith in is Jesus Christ because he will never fail you. He
will never leave you alone. He is always be with you wether you know
it or not, I promise he is there. Draw until him and he will draw unto
you, and somehow everything will turn out alright. I love my savior
and know he is there even when I it doesn't seem like it. He took
everything and knows how to succor our needs because he experienced it
all. He really did. For you and for me.

Love y'all! Have a great week!

Love sister Fullmer

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