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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

April 18, 2016 - Ogre island

"All things work together for good to them that love God." So keep
loving. Keep trying. Keep trusting. Keep believing. Keep growing.
Heaven is cheering you on today, tomorrow, and forever."(Tomorrow the
Lord Will Do Wonders among You, Jeffery r. Holland, General

You know life is amazing. It's like a roller coaster, I mean if you
really think about it. I roller coaster that stays the same height and
speed isn't very fun, but when it has really high highs and really low
lows, it becomes a exhilarating experience. First we get on then, we
sit back slowly make our way to the very top and wait till the drop...
We hit the highest point of the coaster, and go way fast and hit the
lows ,but the low part is fun too. Weird huh? The mix of both highs
and lows makes for a fun ride. Like the roller coaster, life is the
same way, the highs we anticipate and it seems like they go too fast,
but the low part goes pretty fast too when we look back at the end of
the ride. It would be impossible to just do drops on a roller coaster
,though it would be fun , we wouldn't get the whole experience. We
have to experience hard things and trials so that we can have the
happy moments. If you never experienced sadness, you wouldn't know
joy. I guess because I have hard stuff, I can say I prefer joy. But
despite everything, we can be joyful, in an circumstance that life
throws at us. There is always something we can be joyous about.
Something I've come to know is that, God is real, he loves us so much
more than we can even comprehend. That's something to be excited
about! "When we have nothing left but God, we discover God is enough"(
quote on my wall. Thanks mom!) So no matter what you are experiencing,
please don't ever forget that you have a father that loves you! Keep
going! Don't ever give up, give in, step down! God is your support!

This week, was pretty good, finally a normal week. No
lice, no party, no weird event just a good week of missionary work. We
teach kids English every week and one of the moms was like what's
upstairs (the chapel) so we did a church tour and took some of them
upstairs and we showed the temple, and they thought it was way cool,
and we invited them to come to church this week.

Laugh yoga. So there was an event at the church that we had called
laugh yoga. How to explain this, I don't know. A woman from the ward
over came and she instructed the class. One of our investigators named
Natsuko came. We found her in the shopping center last transfer and
she really like events she's kinda quirky ,but she's really cool. So
laugh yoga is when you do yoga And then you laugh as you do it,
because it releases bad vibes and bad energy when you laugh. Weirdest
yoga ever! After we finished we took her on a church tour we went up
to the chapel and showed her the chapel and she kept saying wow this
is so cool! It was awesome! As we went about showing her rooms and
stuff I grabbed the keys for the font and we showed her the baptismal
font and the spirit was way strong. we talked about baptism and about
how we can be forgiven. At the end of the tour we asked her to come to
church tomorrow at 10:00am and she said "ahh that's kinda hard.. Maybe
some other time..." My heart broke, I totally thought she would come
on Sunday. Nope... :( then Chiihiro didn't come to church either :((
way sad.

we went to Ogre island today! It was way fun! With part of the zone.

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