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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Jan. 31, 2016 -まもなく 四国 です。(presently/shortly Shikoku) banished to the island...

Hello folks. As you can guess I transferred. I am now in a wonderful
place called takamatsu on Shikoku (island). Once you go to the island
you never com back. Or so they say. They also say when you go to the
island you get fat,so there's that too. Yay. They changed transfers
from how they used to be. Now they are really different. Before we
would hear on Monday that we were leaving ,but now we just have to
wait until we get called sometime this week and pack really fast and
have no time to say good bye to people.

So I was called Tuesday night and found out that I was coming to the
island. Woo! No snow! Was my first thought, but I like it here.
Everyone is really fun and we've got a fun branch. Love it the people
here are awesome! I was sad to say good bye to Toyooka though I sure
had a lot of fun there. I am not training anymore, Cannon shimai
stayed in Toyooka and I came up to Takamatsu almost alone. That was
fun! But my new companion is awesome. Turns out that I was not social
in college because guess what she was in my ward at college and lived
above me! I knew some of her roommates and she knew some of mine ,but
we didn't know each other. We had gone to some of the same ward
activities ,but I guess we had never really met. Super weird. So her
name is sister Folkman. Folkman and Fullmer fun for 日本人Japanese people
to say. Just kidding it confuses them kinda. But yes, she is pretty
awesome. She is a 4th transfer so still young, but she's awesome! I'm
8th.. Im old. It kinda makes me sad. I'm so old, and I still have so
much to learn. I have about 6months left. Where did the time go?

This week we taught a couple of interesting people. We have met a few
really nice people, and met more weird ones. I like this area from
what I seen ,so far. Nice people, great companion, it's just a matter
of finding the people who are ready to hear our message.

Sorry it's short this week, I'm kinda tired.

Mormon 9:31
Condemn me not because of mine imperfection, neither my father,
because of his imperfection, neither them who have written before him;
but rather give thanks unto God that he hath made manifest unto you
our imperfections, that ye may learn to be more wise than we have

I like this because no one is perfect, life's biggest test is becoming
like Jesus who was perfect. But we shouldn't let those little things
hold us back from becoming the best we can be. I feel like I become
aware everyday of my imperfections and what I need to do better and
what I should be doing better ,but it's good it pushes me to improve
on what I'm doing right now. Well folks I hope you work hard this
week, learn from mistakes, and share the love!

Oh I forgot something really funny. When we where housing we met this
guy named Joe. In my defense,he is Filipino,but he answered saying
"hey how are you guys? " and he was wearing a ISU sweat shirt, but I
thought he was Japanese, and I said "wow your English is so good!"...
He's American. He grew up in Florida. Go Fullmer shimai. That was my
bad. But hilarious!

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