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Monday, February 22, 2016

Feb. 22, 2016 - "Are you half?" Last weeks email... That didn't get sent out :(

Hello people's
So this week we met some pretty awesome people. Well first we got to
meet with our girls. 3 girls that had come to eikaiwa randomly out of
the blue came again. We meet after eikaiwa a little bit and just
talked some and then Kiku (one of the girls) told me that when she
stayed in America she lived with a Mormon family. Her host family was
Mormon! So she had gone to church and she even seminary( morning
Sunday school class). I showed her family pictures later and she told
me she even went to a temple! We set up a dinner with them the next
day, and that Wednesday we went to the best okonomiyaki place
ever. It was just a little hole in the wall ,but boy it was good. We
gave the girls book of Mormons and hiro was already reading through it
like crazy. We are so so excited to teach them because they have got
so much potential.

We met a woman on Friday named noriko. She's about 70 ish looks 60ish
wears bright pink and purple eyeshadow and just laughs at anything.
She actually approached the missionaries first. We asked her why she
wanted to meet us and she said because "I want to learn about Jesus,
I've heard of him ,but I want to learn about him" well for two
missionaries teaching about God and Jesus that's just the best news to
hear. So we talked with her for sometime about Jesus, we tried to give
her a Book of Mormon ,but she said not right now. She told us " I
think it will take me sometime to learn ,but I do want to learn". She
told us before we left that we were cute and then she said "she looks
American"(pointing to my companion) "you look Japanese... Are you
half?" She said that I had Japanese mannerisms too. I told her nope
and she didn't believe that I was American they never do. They always
think I am from Spain or Europe. It's the brown hair I think.

While we were talking to some people near our huge outdoor mall, we
talked to a woman about God and she said "ya we're all related because
of Adam and Eve right?" Japanese people don't know about Adam and Eve!
Turns out she likes to study Christianity... Crazy awesome. We also
were at a stoplight and a man approached asked us "which country? " in
English. He told him America and that we were church volunteers and I
was holding s Book of Mormon at the time and he said "you guys just
study the bible?" And I whipped it up and asked him if he's ever seen
it before. He said yup and pretty recently too, turns out he was
studying in marugame last summer with the elders there and then he
moved. Crazy! He's a little crazy though because he was telling us
about how to take pictures in the perfect light then he gave us
pictures of rainbows he took and some flower pictures and gave those
to us.

What do you do on Saturday nights? I participate in a 3 year old's
birthday party. We usually have game night every Saturday ,but an
American family in our ward son had a birthday last week and they
wanted to do a little bit of a party on that day. So that night the
elder, our mission leader, ourselves and our investigator kana went to the
birthday party.

Kana... She's a fun girl. She about 29 and she loves food and English.
She would ask brother Solomon if she could have more cake and every
time he would say "ya go for it" so she did. She is so funny.

So on Sunday kana came to church she's been a couple times, we've
talked about baptism with her a couple of times,but she still has some
worries that we are working through. This Sunday we went to class with
her ,but the teacher was sick so it was us and the elders. We asked
kana what she would want to learn. She picked repentance. So we taught
repentance with the elders. Gosh matsuhisua choro is such a good
little missionary. He had so many good symbolisms. Towards the end of
the lesson. One of the old members shuffled in the room. I thought he
was unaware of the lesson, but he sat down and cuffed his hand around
his ear so he could hear. We were about to finish up, then he jumped
up and said "if we didn't have Jesus we would be lost!" Or something
to like that in English. He made an elder hold out his hands and he
piled books on his hands and say "this is was sin does to us, it
weighs us down and we can't do anything" (lifts books up) "but he
takes the burden from us". He went on for a few minutes and it was
really good ,but I had no idea that he was even aware of the lesson.
Gosh I love people.

So Sunday was Valentine's Day, we got some chocolates from the church
members and someone made a cake. Kana had to go, so she couldn't stay
for afterwards for some cake, we told her we would save her a piece
and that she could get it later. We went home for lunch and she called
us saying "where is the cake??" We told her it was in fridge "I can't
find it I don't see it!" She said. We put it in the middle shelf in
the very middle, but for some reason it was hard to find. After a
couple minutes she said "yay. I found it thanks ,bye" and hung up.
Gosh she's a funny one.

D&C 18:10-13
10 Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God;
11 For, behold, the Lord your Redeemer suffered death in the flesh;
wherefore he suffered the pain of all men, that all men might repent
and come unto him.
12 And he hath risen again from the dead, that he might bring all men
unto him, on conditions of repentance.
13 And how great is his joy in the soul that repenteth!

Repent. All we need to do to be happy is to repent. There is nothing
more wonderful than being relieved a guilt from your shoulders and
receiving forgiveness. Jesus suffered on the cross for us. He suffered
all the sins of the world. All we have to do to be forgiven is to
repent. Repentance isn't just a confession type thing, it's changing
our heart and turning towards God. It's leaving the past in the past
and moving forward with a bright hope and faith for the future. So
friends I encourage you to repent and look to the future.

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