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Monday, February 22, 2016

Feb 22, 2016 - Ikeman

Hello folks.

This week... Well I had 2 girls ask if they could marry my brother
Taylor. Literally all the people at see my family pictures want to
marry my brother because he is so "ikeman" (hunk). That was funny. One
of them named maki said "put in a good word and we can be sisters!"
Gosh I love people. These girls are members in the branch next to ours
they came to meeting that we had.

 This week was pretty good. We taught a less active member at the
church with another active member and the spirit was so strong. She
doesn't come to church right now because of health reasons but she is
so so sweet and has such a light in her.

Finding. Finding is something we do where we go out and try to talk to
people of the streets to see if we can teach them about the church. I
can say finding is interesting that is for sure. We met this one woman
who talked so fast we could barely get any words out, but boy she was
interesting. So typically we have a bunch of interesting encounters ,but
some of the coolest ones as well.

We met a woman named shiyori on the train the other day, she was a
ballet teacher. They always dance I swear,but she was amazing. She
kept saying how we should show love because we want to, not because we
feel like we have to. We gave her our number gosh I hope she calls.

Ah, something cool happened, we made a mistake going out to this one
area. We accidentally pasted our stop and got off there. We decided to
go finding there ,but no luck. However, on our way back we met this
young girl heading to work. She told us "ahh you guys are so pretty we
need to take a picture together" so we did. I'm glad the Japanese
people will always think we are pretty because we had biked a lot that
day in the rain,so we must have actually looked wet and sad, but
anyway. We talked with her for a bit and got her number and we have
an appointment next week. Yes!

Guess who came to church.... The American guy who's hilarious. Oh my
gosh he is like a teenager. We were in class with him, and the teacher
called on him to answer a question and he turned to us and said "what
did he say?"( then said I'm checking right now one sec in Japanese)
then he answered "okay checking is way important ,but I know this for
sure". He answered correctly and the teacher said "ya that's right".
He raised his hand in a fist saying "did I win the class? ". The whole
class was just so funny with random things. I don't do it justice ,but
gosh it was so funny. The teacher couldn't remember someone's name so
he called on the person like this " baby Rockwell-chan no otosan "
:baby rockwell's dad. Guy brother Solomon and his wife have been in
here for about a year and the teacher still didn't know their names...
Gosh so funny!

Here's a quote:

Elder Neal A. Maxwell of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (1926–2004)
once said that “sometimes with smudges on our cheeks, dirt on our
hands, and shoes untied, stammeringly but smilingly we present God
with a dandelion--as if it were an orchid or a rose! If for now the
dandelion is the best we have to offer, He receives it, knowing what
we may later place on the altar” (That Ye May Believe [1992], 100).

- so God will accept anything we give him if it be small or seems not
good enough. I don't know what everyone is facing in their life ,but I
promise you if you do your best he'll never say it's not good enough.
He knows us he knows what we can or cannot do ,and he will be happy if
we try. So I encourage you to trust God and do all that you can do
because we are like the dandelion small and maybe at times feel
insignificant ,but guess what to him we are amazing. We are worth so
much to him. Have a great week!

Fullmer shimmy


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