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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Feb. 29, 2016 - Laugh.

Well this week went by fast ,but slow. It's hard to describe that ,but
it felt like a long week. I can't believe it's Monday already. So
you know how people talk about the weather as small talk. No one
really cares that much about the weather. Well I guess some people do
,but for the most part people talk about the weather when they have
nothing else to talk about. Well if you talk about the weather, people
actually care. That's how I learned this new word that means a cycle
of hot and a cycle of cold. Sankanshion (3 days cold 3 days warm)

You know how teenagers say things like "LOL, haha, etc" when they
text. Well kids do that here too when they text except they send the
kanji that means laugh. So I was reading this text and I thought about
it in English " sure that sounds great! Laugh." And I lost it because
it was so funny to read it that way.

We went to nihama for a exchange with our stls (sister training
leaders) it was really good. I Learned a lot from it. The next morning
we had a ekaiwa class with old people. I can't tell you how boring it
was, one guy when on a rant about plums and wild boars. I asked him if
they hunt the wild boars and he said no because it's too hard and he's
lazy. But other than that they just kinda talked about political
things and we can talk politics as missionaries ,so there was that.

This week finding people we met some awesome people. This super cute
girl named Ari, who said she would call us sometime to talk about our
message. And Roxie, I was tempted to tell her I once had a dog named
Roxie ,but it died ,but I thought that might be a little weird. I now
know what return missionaries are usually weird because as
missionaries you kinda talk about everything with people and whatever
pops into you head ,and try to start conversations about anything with
people. But it's weird. So I'm glad I didn't say it. Her really name
is yuu, but she likes the name Roxie (her self picked English name) so
we call her Roxie. She's about 20 like us and super cute and stylish,
I'm so excited to teach her!

Funny finding moments:

We talked to a woman for a bit about the church and as we were talking
she backed away ,but still talking to us and then she randomly said
"you are dressed too warm for this weather!" And turned around and
walked away. It was sankanshion's fault.. Didn't know it would get
really warm.Sorry to offend you with my overdressed-ness.
We stop this cute little grandma and she said "nope I am Buddhist! No
thank you! " but we talked to her for a bit and she was really nice.
We asked her if she was out for a walk and she said "no I'm cleaning
this path because of lazy people." She had a bag and she was going
around picking up dog poop with her bag. This is a normal thing in
Japan. A lot of times people will clean after each other messes ,but I
thought it was hilarious.

Helaman 6:36
36 And thus we see that the Lord began to pour out his Spirit upon the
Lamanites, because of their easiness and willingness to believe in his
^ simple but profound scripture I found. If we want to believe in the
lord and we do what we can to believe his words he will pour out his
spirit upon us. See that's the really cool thing about God. He wants
to bless us ,but we have just got to trust him and be willing to trust
him and everything will turn out okay. :) so trust God and be strong
with whatever you are going through because I promise it's just a
small moment in time.

Love you guys!


So we had an incredible Sunday.

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