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Sunday, May 3, 2015

May 3, 2015 - My missionary life

Hello everyone!

This week was a rough one. On Thursday night we decided to go visit
the bishop with the elders and share a message. On the way over my
companion cut in front of me to turn and I hit the back of her back
and flew off my bike. Needless to say my pride was bruised. I scrapped
up my knee pretty bad and bruised my ribs but other than that I seemed
to be okay. We walked the rest of the way to the bishops house and he
patched me up when we got there. We shared a message about trials and
everyone kinda just "causally" glanced at me.

We had a really cool experience with a lady this week. We decided to
visit a potential investigator and we knew that he lived on the 10th
floor in the 5th room. We couldn't find it because the way the
building was set up was super weird ,but eventually we found the room.
We knocked on the door and this lady opened it. She said she had been
to the Catholic Church and asked if that was us we said no and went on
to explain our church. We shared the message of God being our father.
We ended up singing "I am a child of God". I know she felt something.
Before we left we asked if we could pray with her. So we did when we
looked up she was crying. She asked us if we wanted her name and
number. We were like of course we do. We asked to hug her and she said
"You want to hug Me Why?" We told that we cared and that of course we
wanted to hug her. We hugged her good bye and she stood at the door
smiling and waving goodbye and asking us to come back. Sometimes you
find these people and they are just so ready to hear our message. It's

Story time:

So the past Sunday was fast Sunday. Sunday's are hard already because
it's 3 hours of not knowing what's going on ,but fasting on top of
that makes it so hard to stay a wake. But I made it through almost
unscathed. Before dinner we decided to go visit a Investigator that
lived down this hill. We road down the hill pretty quickly and the
turn was just on the right. I wasn't aware that that was where the
turn was. My trainer was on the other side of me and she turned in
front of me. Well guess what.. I ran into her bike and flew off my
bike and down part of the hill. The left side of my body is pretty
scrapped up and I whacked my head pretty hard on the ground. I
stumbled to get up and see the damage. My hands and knees where bloody
and my head ached. I used to hate wearing the helmets because they are
just goofy looking ,but I was so so thankful I was wearing my helmet.
I sat on the Side of the road and just wrap my head around what just
happened. A couple weeks ago I asked my trainer if Japanese people
would help you if you got in a bike accident. She said she wasn't
sure. Well I figured it out they will! I couple of people came to help
me. I told them I was okay and we slowly made our way to a grocery
store to clean up. It hurt so bad cleaning out all my cuts. I can't
really move my left arm right now it's kinda like when you get a shot
and it's just really sore.. It's like that except some of the skin is
gone. This worst is my left hand has a pretty deep cut its so hard to
do things with one hand. I think I'll live though. I think I'm going
to be a sore ,but I'll be okay. You know what the say, "a mission is
full of blood, sweat, and tears." This really is a war and I am going
to have the scars to prove it!

Spiritual thought

21 And now as I said concerning faith--faith is not to have a perfect
knowledge of things; therefore if ye have faith ye hope for things
which are not seen, which are true. (Alma 32)
^ this is one of my personal favorites. Sometimes we might not know
what is a head of U.S. But we just have to have faith in God and he
will guide us in all things. Sometimes we just have to walk in the
dark in order to find the light. So let's seek the light!

I love you all and hope you have a Great week!

Fullmer shimai

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