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Sunday, May 17, 2015

May 17, 2015 - 4 bikes 1 transfer

I know I talk a lot about my bikes but seem to be what this transfer
was about. Whether it was a bike accident or the struggle of biking an
elders bike.. It's been all about the bike. Well guess what... I got a
new bike! Not a new new one ,but like missionary standard new. So
here's the story on the bike. So as most of you know I had my original
pink bike for about 2 weeks then the axel broke while we were going up
hill. Then I was given the monster bike for about 2 weeks and and I
kept getting in bike accidents because it was really difficult for me
to control. Next I got another bike from the home office that was my
size that was navy blue. I had been using this bike for about a week
,but for some reason it seemed hard to bike and keep up with my
companion. Well the elders where riding back with us to the church and
they told me the wheel was  shaking. We stopped at a bike shop and had
them check it out. The rim on the back tire was bent and a spoke was
broken and the breaks where broken. The man said it was dangerous to
be biking on that bike because it was in such terrible condition. We
were all laughing as he told us everything that was wrong. So after
all this we called the home office and they brought another bike for
me yesterday. This bike is probably one of the best bikes I've ridden.
It's nothing fancy. It just works and so far it's a lot easier to
bike. I like this new bike of mine. I'm thankful that the home office
has patience with me and my bike troubles.

So Japan is a rainy place. Well apparently there is a typoon season
coming up soon. It's kinda cool that they have their season like that.
See what people do here is they carry umbrellas when they bike. We do
something much more fun. We put on this full body rain suits called
kappas. They keep us dry from the rain ,but really warm and sticky on
the inside. Anytime it's a rainy day.. My companion and I just laugh
and say "it's a kappa kinda day".

Funny story: so this past Tuesday it rained really really bad.
Tuesdays we teaching English. Well we set up class at 6 and the actual
class starts at 7. We (Us and the elders) got to the church at about
the same time and were completely soaked through. We all took off or
socks and shoes to try and let them air out before class. Well we all
out or socks on the heater so that they would dry faster. We didn't
put our shoes on for the rest of the night because they were just
soaked. Our English students laughed at us because we were just
wearing our socks. Well after class none of us wanted to put our shoes
back on so we just ended up biking home in our socks in the rain. To
be honest, it was a weird feeling biking with out shoes but it was
kinda fun!

Miracle: on Thursday night my companion had some paperwork to finish
up at the church ,so we had been at the church for a couple hours.
Well we had lingered a little longer and took our time packing up when
we usually just pack up and go. We were locking up the church and I
saw a woman biking by. I ALWAYS say hello because I know that I know
of the things that can happen from a simple hello, good morning, good
evening. Well I said hello to this woman and she stopped her bike and
smiled and waved to me. We went over to her and she told us that she
rode by the church everyday. She was baptized 30 years ago and she
wanted to come to church but she just didn't know anybody and because
she had moved here not too long ago. We got her contact information
and we are going to study with her soon. She was excited to meet us
and when she told us all about her baptism. It was very sweet. Always
say hello to people because you never know what miracles might come
from it.

So update on Miyu. I don't remember if I wrote about her. So I'll tell
you about her. Miyu is a 18 year old college student. She's a hip-hop
dancer and she is probably one of the happiest people I've ever met.
She has a smile and attitude that just lights up a room and it's just
amazing. She asked us for our first names and we told her ,but we also
told her that she still has to call us Fullmer shimai and bean shimai.
But anyways, she texted us and asked " Adrianna and Rolen baputesma
uke mashita ka" so she thinks my name is Rolen because the L's and the
R's sound the same ,so that's kinda funny ,but anyways she asked if we
are baptized. We told her we were and we gave her some scriptures to
read. Next time we meet we are going to give her a baptism invite. I
know she is prepared and it will be so sweet to see her progress and
continue to be wonderful and amazing. Sometimes I have no idea what
she's saying but I still just love her so much!

Spiritual thought:
3 Nephi 5:13
Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been
called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might
have everlasting life.

This was the old mission theme from 2 years ago ,but I am making it my
mission theme. I love this scripture so much because it is simple yet
it means so much. I am called to serve for the Lord and I am trying to
be a true disciple. I don't know that much and I sometimes I might not
have that much to offer ,but I do know that through Jesus Christ that
I can declare the word of God and help people come to discover the
truth and happiness that the gospel brings. I love the work and I love
the people so much.

I hope everyone has a great week! I love you guys :)

Fullmer shimai

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