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Monday, August 10, 2015

Aug 10, 2015 - Missionary life

Hello all! Just another week as a senkyoshi! It's been a busy busy week.

This week we had our first lesson through Skype with a really awesome
investigator named Miyu. Because she lives so far away we got
permission to skype her. It was really weird ,but really cool teaching
someone via Skype. And now we can "meet" with her on a regular basis.
Yay! Hasten the work!

Ok so we recently got our transfer mail. I'm leaving Nishinomiya...
That's really sad :( but I guess I have to leave the nest sometime. I
am going to a place called kitaroko. It's pretty close to Nishinomiya
and I'll still be in the Kobe zone. My new companion is.... *drum
roll* uchida shimai. She is Japanese! Yay! I am a little bit nervous
because I it's going to be so hard to understand and plan and ya. It's
just going to be difficult ,but fun. I think I will learn Japanese
faster. I know her though...she came here when i came ,so we are both
4th transfers. She is going to be the senior companion. We are going
to go open kitaroko. They didn't have sisters before ,so this should
be fun! I was actually companions for 3 days with her when I came
here. They just stuck us with people until we got our trainers. She's
really really nice ,so I'm not too nervous.

This week:
We had a summer festival at the church! It was really fun. We got a
lot of families to the church and we got to talk a bunch of new
people! I have never been so tired in my life. And then.. We
performed. Being a missionary rocks!

Cool thing of the week:
So a couple of weeks ago we went to visit a less active and she didn't
even come to the door. She just had her husband to tell us to go away.
Not a new thing,but this Sunday she came to church. We didn't know it
was her because  we didn't see her face last time ,but we went and
talked to her and she said "you visited me!" That's when we made the
connection. She only stayed for sacrament ,but that's a step! It's so
cool to see people progress and see the church grow... Gosh I am going
to miss Nishinomiya!

Spiritual thought:
Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.
^ I can't stress this enough, we can do all things through Christ. No
matter what the circumstance, we can do absolutely anything through

Lots of love y'all!

Fullmer shimai

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