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Monday, September 28, 2015

Sept 28, 2015 - My missionary life

Hello all! So we had transfers. Guess what I am I with Gibson shimai!
I love Gibson she's she is from my MTC district so we are

one and the same Transfer. I was so surprised when I opened the
announcement call because I I didn't think I would be with another
sister from the Mtc so that's two for three . I think it's funny
because I was not expecting it. President Welch sure know something
but I don't know what he's inspired or something, probably inspired.

Transfer: so we went to transfer point. And we said our goodbyes. And
uchida shimai (my old Japanese companion) went with the other people
who were training. She's going to such a great trainer! I looked
around and saw a lot of people from my doki (Mtc time). I said hellos
and goodlucks and then... Gibson shimai showed up. We were like hey!
This is awesome crazy awesome! We ended up going back to our area with
a member. This member is my favorite. He took us and the elders all to
go eat and so we went to eat really quick then we hopped in his car
and headed back. His name is tatsunori kyodai and he's so funny. He
was baptized 5 months ago in a river. He showed me the picture. He is
what they call a miracle. The missionaries found him on a beach drunk
and crazy. He completely changed because of church. He doesn't look
like he goes to church at all. He's got this crazy hair style and he
was wearing combat boots and he has small earrings (but he takes them
out for church, so it's good). He's awesome. He loves the church and
the missionaries.

Friday: so on the way home the day before, tatsunori kyodai asked us
what we like the most curry, stew, or something else. And we said
curry. Little did we know he was going to make for us and bring it to
us for lunch. After study time we always have lunch. He called and
said "I'm bringing curry". So he came to the apartment and we came
down the stairs and he handed us a big bowl of homemade curry with two
bowls of rice. He typed in Google translate on his phone and showed us
the phone is said "cold pan burnt". So we just nodded said we
understand. That was the best curry I have ever eaten.

Friday night we had our sports night which means we got to the church
and work out with members which is us the elders tatsunori kyodai and
yokochan. We ran for a 10 minutes and I ran next to yokochan. I asked
he if she liked running she said I hate it. I laughed and jogged next
to her. We did all kinds of fun work outs and when we finished we
looked over at tatsunori kyodai and he sat complete straight up with
his legs in criss-cross. Apparently that's resting form in judo. My
resting form was laying on the ground with my arms stretched out in
front of me.

Funny English we taught Elder sugimoto:
-dude, bro, homie
We told him to call his companions sweet pea. He does it now. When we
had follow ups we told dale choro(his companion) to call him sweet
pea. And he did and of course he said it back. Dale choro got made at
us and said "what are you teaching him?!"

Funny things sugimoto said:
- he said his favorite English word is "crap"(he learned it from his companions)
- there was bugs outside and my companion jump because one flew into
her face and in a completely monotoned voice he said "calm down"..
After that he said " I freaking hate bugs."
- he knows "pain in the butt" from past companions. We don't know how
he learned these things ,but it is just so funny.
*all of theses are so funny because it is completely monotoned with no
emotion in a bit of a Japanese accent. Gosh I love Japan.

Spiritual thought:
D&C 29:2 Who will gather his people even as a hen gathereth her
chickens under her wings, even as many as will hearken to my voice and
humble themselves before me, and call upon me in mighty prayer.
^ we shared this in a lesson and I just love this. This to me is about
the pure love that God has for us.

Love ya!
Fullmer shimai

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