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Monday, October 5, 2015

Oct 5, 2015 - My missionary life

Hey everyone!
Just another great week in beautiful Nihon (Japan). We are super busy
everyday ,but that's good because when we're busy we are happy. My
companion and I decided that we needed to get 20 lessons every week. I
wish I could say we got that ,but we didn't quite hit that ,yet. So we
have been working as hard as we can to teach and talk to people. I
know that when people are ready to come unto Christ they will.

Tuesday English class:
Oh gosh, English class.... Wow. It was something. So a 60 year old guy
showed up a little early. His name is Tom. Tom is something. When I
met him he said " you are very beautiful." I said thanks and kinda
laughed it off. He asked me "do you have a boyfriend?" I said " yup I
do and he's great" I thought it would be better to lie so I did, so I
pulled up a picture I had on my iPad of me and some friends I pointed
at a friend saying this is my boyfriend. He said "oh I am jealous". I
was like ahhh awkward. So Tom is a funny guy.
So for class we did some self introductions and favorite colors, and
how many kids you want. Dale choro said he was from Tokyo and everyone
was so confused. He's from California! We got to Tom and for the how
many kids you want question he said "i'm 60 and single. I give up" we
all laughed at that. He's so funny.

First we went and visited Mizuki shimai. She's about 80 years old and
she is the cutest little grandma. We went to her tiny little
apartment. I was on edge because I didn't know what to expect. We rang
her door bell and then Gibson shimai opened the door a bit and we saw
her just standing in the door way. We said "mizuki shimai!" And she
kinda just lit up. She likes to sing and hum random songs ,so she
started humming and dancing and we hummed and danced with her. We
brought her this raisin bread from the store she likes and she was
just so happy. We walked in to the apartment and she hugged Gibson
shimai and then me and then she wanted to hug both of us. So funny
thing about Mizuki shimai she's like 4 feet tall. She was between me
and Gibson shimai ,but her head was like at our waists and she was
pushing us together to where Gibson shimai and I were pretty much
hugging each other. It was like one big sandwich and on top of that
she's gripping our waists and she started to kinda tickle us. So I was
nose to nose with Gibson shimai with a little grandma nestled
in between us and she was tickling us and humming. That's when I
realized I was in a different country. We kept laughing because it was
so funny! After we finally sat down, we sang a hymn with her and
talked about Jesus and his light. She told us that we have a light and
that she was so happy to be with us today. She said that she loves
light and that she knows it comes from God. She is such a sweet little
grandma. We got to hear
the most pure and innocent testimony from her. It's like when you
teach little kids and they are just so full of love. It's like that
and I love it.

The area I am is tiny maybe 30 ward members ,but I have never seen so
much love from people. When I was watching some of the members during
church I could just feel the love of God from everyone. There is one
man in the ward and he is in a wheel chair. He can't control his body
anymore, he used to be normal ,but he was in a really bad car accident
,so he understands and can kinda speak ,but he can't really use his
arms or legs anymore. Its like he has mini spasms. His mother puts him
into his wheelchair and wheels him around ,but during the second hour
of class, she has to go teach class. So Tatsunori Kyodai took the man
to the other class we were in. I watched him hold out the book for the
man so he could read the book and pat him gently on the back.
 Mizuki shimai is also taken care of in a loving way. One woman helps
her go to the right class and brings her to church then home. She
kinda holds on to Mizuki shimai because she doesn't really know what's
going on ,but that woman just cares so much for Mizuki shimai. It's
This area is so great.

I know I'm only 19 years old ,but because of this experience I have
gotten to see just a little glimpse of heaven. These people in this
ward are God's Angels. They are amazing examples of disciples of
Christ and I want to be like that. I've never seen so much love

1 Nephi 11:22-23

22 And I answered him, saying: Yea, it is the love of God, which
sheddeth itself abroad in the hearts of the children of men;
wherefore, it is the most desirable above all things.
23 And he spake unto me, saying: Yea, and the most joyous to the soul.

God's love really is the most desirable thing. I always teach that
missionary work is love. That's all sharing the gospel is. It's
sharing God's love. I love these people and I have felt God's love in
my life ,so I know what it feels like to have that joy and because I
have felt it I want to share it with everyone. I know that this church
can and will bless everyone's life. So this week, I have a challenge
for you... Love someone. Tell your family you love them, do a small
act of kindness, give someone a hug, anything is awesome! It doesn't
have to be big just something small. When we share love, we can feel
love more abundantly in our life. And who doesn't want to feel love?
So go love someone!
Love all of you!

Fullmer shimai

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