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Sunday, July 26, 2015

July 26, 2015 - My missionary life

Hello all! My week has been a lot of fun. Well a lot of something! I
just know I'm tired.

Okay, so we did a lot of contacting. Housing and Streeting. Lately all
our investigators have just been busy or they don't answer
calls/doors. So we decided to go visit one last PI and see if she had
any interest. So we biked down to her house and she was outside
playing with her kids and some neighbors were out there too. We went
to say hello ,but she ignored us and picked up her kids and walked the
other way. Interested? Perhaps not. So we shrugged and figured hey we
could go housing here just because we're here. So we tried housing the
a couple of doors. 1,2,3,4 doors slammed or "we're fine, please go
away"s. It doesn't really bother me that much because 1 they aren't
reject me or my companion and 2 half the time I'm not sure what they
just said. So I think that's a plus! Anyways we get to this last house
and I decided to try I different approach. I said " we are voulnteers
can we help you with anything?" And the woman opened the door and said
"what kind of thing?" And we said "cleaning or anything." She then
started speaking perfect English. So she said "oh please come back any
day. I need help with my English" ,so we found someone we could
potentially teach! Yay!

This Past Friday, we got a text from a investigator(in a different
ward)who is friends with one of our less actives we work with. She
texted us and said that the less active's father passed away. Well we
decided to go visit her and see if we could cheer her up. I could
vague remembered where she lived. And my companion has never been
there before ,so I was leading. I kept praying please please help us
find her house. So we went down the way I remembered and I got this
picture in my mind of the apartment complex and at that moment. It
seemed like I got the whole map in my mind. We made it there just
fine. For some of you who don't know I am directionally impaired ,so
that was a huge blessing! We got her house and she wasn't home so we
put hearts all over her door and wrote her a letter. As we were
leaving, she came up the stairs. She was so happy to see the door and
she said it made her feel better. We hugged her and told her that we
would help her with anything. It really seemed to lift her spirit.

Ok spiritual thought:

Alma 34:32
32 For behold, this life is the time for men to prepare to meet God;
yea, behold the day of this life is the day for men to perform their
^ I love this a lot. Because it is really true. This life is for us to
prepare ourselves to meet God. We have trials so that we can learn and
grow and so that our faith in God grows as well. I once read somewhere
that God sometimes withholds an answer to our prayers so that we can
show our faith in him. I know this is true. Life is a rollercoaster of
ups and downs ,but through God absolutely anything is possible.

I love all of you!

Fullmer shimai

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