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Monday, April 4, 2016

March 28, 2016- Egg hunt

Hey guys

I am tired. We've been busy this week. And I am just overall tired.

This week we met with this guy named Peter. He is from Canada and he
is a university professor, married a Japanese woman and lives here in
Takamatsu. When we talked about music, he brought up apparently a
popular artist Springsteen? Springstein? and asked if we knew who it
was and he said. I've heard of the name and I said "I've heard of him
,but I don't know him.." His response "you don't know him?! He's like
Elvis Presley!  did you live under rock? Not to be rude ,but where you
not exposed to things?" -_- yes I was exposed to things. He went on a
rant about how we need to be exposed to things such as drugs or
alcohol. He was surprised when we learned we haven't ever done drugs
or drank alcohol. We talked a lot about being able to choose want we
want because we have agency.

So we got to teach one of our investigators about temples and and she
thought it was really cool and she also came to the Easter party and
almost to Easter Sunday.. So close! She's a funny one. She's interesting 
She seems so much happier now and I love that.
She's been progressing so much now we just need to talk about
tithing.. And we will be on our way!

Easter party.. So yes it was good. I was bummed out though because
there was a woman who tried to get here ,but she couldn't find it and
I called her and we couldn't figure out where she was so she didn't
come. Dangit. So close. Hopefully we can meet her again! On the
bright side Kana came and so did these cute little girls from English
class. Yessss.

Happy Easter everyone! I know it's late ,but I hope all of you had a
really good Easter.
But please don't forget the true meaning which is Jesus Christ's resurrection.
Helaman 14:17
17 But behold, the resurrection of Christ redeemeth mankind, yea, even
all mankind, and bringeth them back into the presence of the Lord.
Because of Jesus Christ we can and will live again. He saved us from
our griefs and our sins, our sorrows. We celebrate not his death ,but
his life and sacrifice for us. I am incredibly thankful for the
atonement of Jesus Christ because through it We can become something
more than what we are right now.

Have a great week!
Fullmer shimai

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