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Monday, April 4, 2016

March 21, 2016- Sleepy legs

Hello folks. Wow. Just wow.

This week was busy really busy. We've got really wonderful members here who want to help us so much. They are fantastic! One awesome sister is Shiraishi shimai. Gosh she's so cool. She told us last week "hey you guys are coming with me on Wednesday and we are going to go visit my friend, and some less actives ok?!" Okay no problem sounds great to me. So she took us to go visit her friend. We did a tea ceremony. You'd think after being here for so long I could sit on my knees without the pain or my legs falling asleep. Well, my legs still fall asleep and ache. 

Sitting in seiza reminded me of this memory from my first area. 
One time when I was a younger missionary, my legs feel asleep as we were teaching(we sit in seiza, which is on your knees, it's a polite way to sit) a lesson and I stood up and fell over. Well when I fell over I whacked my arm on a table next to me and cut my arm. Well The people we were teaching  freaked out and wrapped my arm in gauze so tightly that when we had to bike home I couldn't bend my arm to ride my bike normally. That was like 9months ago I think. 

Anyway, we were sitting, and doing this very elaborate tea ceremony thing, without the tea(we just used hot water) and we re-did it at least 5 times because we would mess up the words or not bow the correct way. I can't believe there are different ways to bow. It was determined that I was the least graceful one and that it was a good thing I'm an American because we don't have to be graceful. I already knew I'm not graceful, I thought it was funny because I got told ya.. You probably shouldn't ever try to graceful things. Dangit. No grace. Also we finished and my companion and I struggled to stand up because our legs were asleep and we kinda had to shake them to wake them up. 

That's okay though, after the tea ceremony, Shiraishi shimai's friend played this weird drum thing for us and sang this really old song and it was cool. Interesting pretty interesting. We taught her a message about God and Shiraishi shimai bore her testimony like amazingly, so hopefully we will get to teach her. After that, Shiraishi shimai was driving us to this less active members house and we passed this shop and she said "sugarcane!" "Do you guys like sugarcane?"  We went to this little shop that made pure sugar cane candy in cute shapes and she bought us some. It was so good. It was pure sugar that melted on your tongue like cotton candy except it was little blocks.  After that we went To this less actives member's house and shared a small message. I discovered something really sad. Riding in cars is really hard and I get really really sick when I do. So by the end of the trip I was pretty sick, but overall it was a really good day.

Sunday... Miracles. Last transfer we had skyped this woman who said her friend wanted to come to the church.  The friend called this week and asked if she could come. So we invited her to come. She asked which day and we said Sunday at 10:00. :) she came at 11:00. :( so she missed the best part of church ,but we gave her a church tour, and we asked "do want to hear our message?" And she said "yes." So we went into the closest classroom. We sat down and taught her the whole restoration. Her name is Chiihiro. She's about 24ish and so prepared. We gave her a Book of Mormon and taught her how to pray and she said "ya this just makes sense, little by little I'm going to understand." She's going to come to church next week too, so I'm so so happy!  She's so awesome and has just the purest heart. Gah.. It was so cool, I was on cloud nine right after that.

Today we taught this girl we found last week named Sakiko. She had tried to pray ,but she didn't really know how ,so we explained it a bit better and talked about the meaning of Easter with her. She's so sweet too! Man I just love these awesome girls! 

Update on Haruka: she has disappeared off the face of the earth. I have no idea where she went.

Psalms 27:14
14 Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord. 
I found this scripture the other day and I really liked it. It doesn't say be of good courage and the burdens will be taken away, it says that the lord will strengthen our heart. Make us stronger more able to endure. Trials as awful as they seem sometimes are nothing what the savior experienced. Our trials is merely a drop in the ocean of what our savior experienced for us. As long as we rely on him he promises to strengthen us and he always keeps his promises. 

We have so much swagg we need two g's 

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