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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Jan 18, 2016 -Jaw-breaker

Hello hello lovely people.

So this Monday we put together a little dance with glow sticks I stole
the idea from my last companion Gibson shimai ;). We did it for our
game night. Well game night was sad because it was us the elders and
the one primary kid in our ward ,but it was fun though and we still
made the video with just the 5 of us.

Cold... So cold. I don't know if rain or snow is worse ,but I can tell
you a mix is the worst thing ever! We went and tried to talk to some
of our investigators ,but sadly no one was home or maybe everyone was
sleeping. I'm going to say they were all sleeping. We had ekaiwa, only
2 people came. Tom and the other guy. Man I feel awful I can't
remember the other guys name ,but gosh it's so funny. Today was
emotions and we some how got to the topic of what I did before my
mission. Tom could not understand that I lived in Texas ,but went to
school in Utah. "You go every day to school? By airplane?" "No one
time I flew to Utah, and then I stay there." " but house in Texas? So
fly home everyday?" I laughed and just said I moved to Utah and just
lived there because it made more sense that way. 10 minutes passed and
the other Guy said "dormitory.. You lived In a dormitory." I stood
there with my mouth wide open saying "how do you know that word?? But
ya that's exactly right." Sometimes the words they know surprises you.

We got to see our skateboarder investigator and the elders met her
too. Turns out Dale choro is really really good at skateboarding. Was
I surprised? Yes. He was doing tricks and going off jumps and the rest
of us stood there kinda in shock. Annie (our investigator) said "ya
it's cuz he's an American". I guess me and my comp aren't true
Americans because we can't skateboard. Darn it. I better step it up
then. We played basketball today.. Man did we play. It was probably a
funny sight to see because it was the elders and us and our young
woman (mako) and we were at this really dark park using our lights to
see. So it was us against the elders. Mako is pretty good ,but I now
know why they say to be careful playing basketball. So the elders were
talking and of course when a game gets heated words are Said and
people play a bit tougher. It's all fun and games until someone gets
hurt. And usually that's me. So I was standing by the hoop throwing my
arms up when someone came near, well one of the elders charged and I
fell down and my jaw bit down biting through part of my tongue and
then slamming shut. I sat on the ground and pointed at the elder and
said "not cool! Not cool man!" I sat out the rest of the night. When
we got home my jaw locked up and I couldn't move it. I couldn't talk
or eat the rest of the night.
I woke up with a pounding pain by my ears and my jaw was still locked.
We didn't go out today because I couldn't move my mouth to talk
anyways. We called the mission president and she said to go to a
hospital and get an X-ray. My trainee did so well. I'm so proud of
her. I had her call members and we got a hold of one who too us to the
hospital when we got there, the member had no idea what happened and
my comp tried to explain ,but the person we were with is Also like 65
so she had some trouble hearing and piecing together what she was
saying. I tried to talk but my jaw was still locked up and shooting
pain would go up my jaw through my ears ,so I just didn't move.
Luckily the hospital had a nurse who spoke English so my comp
explained it to her. I got X-rayed and turns out no fracture or
anything just a sore jaw. And a bit of some swollen joints. Yay lucky
me ,but I will be fine I just have to "not use my jaw" so take it easy
for sometime. No singing or talking really big. Or moving my mouth in
crazy ways.

"One of life�fs early lessons should be that there is great power in
the compounding effect of little things that we do each day. Small and
simple things are at work in your life right now--working either for
you or against you. Just as the Lord uses such things to build you up,
Satan uses them to distract you and lead you slowly, almost
imperceptibly, off the path."

^this is a quote I found this week that I really really liked. I have
a testimony of the small things. It seems that the little things build
upon each other. Little by little we get better or little by little we
get worse. If everyday I do something kind for someone my heart will
change and slowly my personality will too. If I let the little
stresses build up in my life, (school, work, social life, etc) build
up they become this sea of hopelessness and I will sink and drown. But
want to know something amazing? even if we feel like we are drowning
in this sea of hopelessness we are okay because we have a lifeguard
who walks on water and will grab us by the hand sighing "oh ye of
little faith". Because honestly anything is possible with Jesus. He is
in our midst. He is with us.
Love you!
Fullmer shimmy

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