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Monday, January 11, 2016

Jan 11, 2015 - Little Band

hello all! It's been a good week that's for sure!

On wedenesday we got to go over to Nishiwaki. We had a companion exchange with our sister training leaders, which happens to be my lovely trainer Bean shimai and her companion Allen shimai. Those two are too fun! so funny story we took a 4 hour train ride to get to Nishiwaki ,and we got off at the wrong stop. -_- My bad! So as we got off the train I got a sinking feeling as I looked around and I was thinking oh my gosh.. I cant believe I got off too early ,and of course my trainee will always follow me. And right after the STLs called and were like "hey where are you guys?" we decided to meet in the middle ,but there wasn't really a middle. It was dark and we don't know the area very well at all I mean I had only been there once, but it was okay because I had this cool pen that had a light in it. THANKS MOM! who knew I would need a pen with a light in it! so I used that to light the way. We went up this bridge and in the distance I heard some kind of screaming sound and saw lights moving up and down. Bean shimai called and said "GO BACK TO THE BRIDGE AND WAIT!" and then hung up so we went to the bridge we were just at and low and behold the STLs came around the side of this cliff carrying their bikes on their backs. needless to say we found each other.

So I got to go with my trainer again! That's always really fun! We were walking back towards the church after lunch when the elders called and said "hey there are two people at the church and they want to talk about God , you might want to come over here." So we booked it over there and when we got there we were introduced to these two women. One was 21 and the other lady was her mother. They were so prepared! They just said teach us about God. So we all did. Bean shimai alluded to the restoration and the mom asked can you teach that to us right now? Sadly we couldn't because they didn't have time ,but Bean shimai asked them to be baptized. They both said "what is that?" and as we explained the mom got a bit worried and she kinda went quiet. She then told us this crazy experience that happened to her about 20 years ago. She and her husband went swimming in the ocean and these two foreigners came up to them and said to them "do you believe in God?" and they said yes and then the two guys dunked them and said "hallejuha! Congruations! Praise God!" and then ran away. They were just thinking what the heck was that?! so she thought that was what we were talking about we all jumped up and said "No no no! its completely different!" the daughter just laughed and laughed and so did we ,but we all made sure to let her know that it was not that at all! After the really neat lesson with them we headed out to go talk to some people. We met the coolest guy named Hiro. I called him super Hiro and he loved it! He was way way cool! I hope that they teach him again.


We got home later than we wanted to ,but we decided to go visit a member. She offered to doseki for us whenever. So we have a member who will do lessons whenever. She wants to help us practice teaching lessons so we have an appointment for next week to practice with her. Then we went to see a member we hadnt seen in some time at church, we went to her house and brought chocolate with us for her. We got to the door and she wasn't home ,but as we turned around she walked up the stairs! Yes! We got to teach her and we found out that she has been telling her friend about the church and stuff, she is trying to set up an appointment ,so that we can meet her sometime next week. YAAAA! I'm so excited! 


Busy busy busy day! We went to visit a less active member and she had a friend over. Her friend decided to stay for the lesson. I said the opening prayer. After we opened our eyes, she was crying, she kept saying "I feel something! What is this feeling?" She said she felt warm ,but it was a good feeling. :) The spirit is so real! The less active bore her testimony through out the lesson and we it was amazing to me the same woman that told me that she didn't believe in God anymore was bearing her testimony about how she knows that he lives and loves her! The spirit was so awesome and real. We are meeting next Sunday and during this time we decided that we were going to form a band called "Little band" so I will be on the triangle. Gosh it was so funny. After that we headed to the church for a lesson we had with a recent convert, and that went really well, then we tried to go to the park to play basketball with our only youth ,but the court was completely covered in mud, so we all sat staring at the muddy pit.. and someone went "Well... Anyone hungry?" and went and got sushi instead. 

Shogatsu= new years

So I've been teaching alot about new years lately, one thing I like about new years is that we can look forward with this hope for the future. What is in the past is in the past we can only move forward we can not go back even if we wanted to. Reflecting on the past isn't a bad thing ,but longing to be in the past or dwelling on past mistakes is not a good thing. I can't say I will ever forget my past mistakes as much as I wish I could I simply can't ,but the guilt and pain that comes from the mistakes is gone. I am changed. It wasn't simple. It wasn't easy ,but I am changed. Jesus is my savior. My redeemer. He is everyone's savior. He will never say no not you again or turn you away, the times that you need him the most he is there. I promise that he is there. I know he is there. He always walks along side us. The first step is wanting to change and repenting. Repentance sounds scary and painful ,but it is the exact opposite it's freeing and changing. It's turning away from your past mistakes and turning towards God. It's letting Christ in. The Atonement covers everything, absolutely everything. Every heart ache has been felt and he knows what you are going through because he went through it too. Just let Jesus in and I promise he will heal every broken heart and wipe away every tear. Live forward in the best way you can!

Love always,

fullmer 姉妹

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